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Irwin's Safety

Dragon Hooks FR Coveralls - UltraSoft 7 oz - Red - PRE-ORDER

Please note: we require 90 days to fulfill pre-orders

Dragon Hooks are patented innovative coveralls that make dragging an unconscious worker easier than ever.

Unlike traditional coveralls, Dragon Hooks have loops on the shoulders to allow the person wearing them to be easily dragged to safety in the event they fall unconscious or are severely injured. This method is proven to be twice as effective as the one utilized today.

The current rescue technique (moving backwards and dragging a worker by hooking the elbows under the worker's armpits), requires a lot of strength and endurance from the rescuer whose visibility is limited as he is facing the opposite direction. This technique is not only dangerous to both rescuer and the worker, but is also complex in its execution.

 Our coveralls are Safer & More Effective as they remove the need for backward rescue, minimize the weight of the injured & maximize the speed of transportation.

  • Fabric: 7oz Westex UltraSoft® S/451 350 Red (FR-treated), NFPA 2112 Certified, ARC rating Cat 2. Content: Cotton, High Tenacity Nylon
  • UltraSoft® is guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment in either high-temperature industrial or home washing procedures. That makes it ideal for enhanced protection from electric arc and flash fire exposures, as well as multipurpose protection from electric arc flash, flash fire, molten ferrous metal and welding exposures.
  • Velcro (Nylon 6.6 Fire retardant treated), Meets FAA25.853
  • 5# Fire Resistant Resin Zipper R type (Tape 100% Nomex), UL-certified
  • White polyester elastic band 2.5cm
  • B3205 Reflective FR Tape, EN471 Class 2
  • Metal Snap Button 15mm
  • FR 100% Aramid thread
  • 100% Aramid Fiber (Para-aramid webbing) 25mm x 2.38mm
  • Custom Branded Patches available - If selected, an email will be sent requesting a vector image of your logo. A mock of the patch will be sent for customer review before production
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