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Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Irwin's is committed to being the most reliable and efficient provider of safety services for our clients, ensuring the highest quality at the lowest cost. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions that exceed our consumer's expectations, as we try to find the most personable, innovative and risk-free approach to any work we perform.

  • Quantitative Fit Test

    Quantitative fit testing uses highly specialized equipment to measure particles in the atmosphere and inside the mask while the wearer completes numerous tasks to ensure a secure seal. Quantitative fit testing is performed using a Portacount machine, as per CSA standard, and is the only acceptable method for testing full face masks.

  • Qualitative Fit Test

    A qualitative test measures the individual's ability to detect the odour through a mask.

    An odorous mist or irritant smoke is sprayed into an enclosed hood. The participant wears a mask and tries to detect the material by smelling for it. If the test is a pass, no smell is detected.

  • Drug & Alcohol Test

    Irwin's offers both Urinalysis Drug Testing and a Mouth Swab Alcohol Testing.

    Urinalysis provides results instantly and can be performed in remote areas. This test uses urine to detect drugs particles in the body.

    A mouth swab is difficult to tamper with or cheat on. Oral tests have a shorter alcohol detection window and a smaller fluid sample size.